A World of My Own (well, kind of)

I’ve toyed around with the idea of creating a blog several times over the years and I’ve made a couple of them, posted a couple times about random stuff, and ditched them. Now that I’m interested in blogging about something I’m passionate about, I really want to do this the right way.

I’ve been watching classic films since I was a little girl. My dad introduced my brother and me to The Three Stooges. By the time I was four or five, my grandma and I often watched movies like Roman HolidaySingin’ in the Rain and Meet Me in St. Louis. Over the years, I gradually grew distant with classic films and by middle school I really didn’t watch them anymore. Everything changed during my sophomore year in high school back in 2009. I decided to sign up for the Film 1 class that was offered, which focused on films released up until 1959. I believe it was when we watched Singin’ in the Rain that I remembered how incredible old films could be. Over the next couple of years, I started watching old films more and more. I started talking about them, even if other kids my age didn’t want to listen. I discovered the Marx Brothers only a few years ago, when I saw that my local library kept their Paramount movies in their DVD section. Needless to say, I fell in love with them. I couldn’t stop watching their movies (especially those early Paramount ones) and I couldn’t stop talking about them. I think they’re absolutely brilliant.

I suppose this post is to just set up everything and let those who may follow me know a little bit about me. I’m a sucker for old musicals, comedies, and romance. Every so often, I like a good film noir. I really owe a lot to TCM (Turner Classic Movies) because I would have a much tougher time discovering and re-discovering movies if it weren’t for that channel. I probably wouldn’t be blogging here today if it weren’t for TCM and my film class back in high school. I hope to go far with this and begin new journeys by writing about my film experience.

I’ll be attending the Kansas Silent Film Festival this weekend, so hopefully I will be back soon to post a few words after I attend. This will be my first film festival, so I’m really excited.

In the future I will plan on posting about classic films (of course), fashion from classic films, and I may post about old television shows every so often. I really look forward to this and I hope anyone who keeps up with this blog enjoys.

Happy Thursday,



5 thoughts on “A World of My Own (well, kind of)

  1. tkguthat says:

    A teacher and an older family member got me into classic movies as well. Looking forward to your report from the Kansas Silent Film Fest 🙂

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