My Favorite Movie Bedrooms

 Part of the fun of watching movies is noticing the little details. A topic like “movie bedrooms” may seem insignificant, but I think it’s a topic worth exploring.

Here are some of my favorites:

Mia’s bedroom in The Princess Diaries (2001)

I know I’m not the only one who has been more than open to the idea of living in a refurbished firehouse since watching this movie.

(When I look at the first screenshot, I can hear the opening of the song “Supergirl” by Krystal Harris. You know, this song – which still holds up.)


Mia’s room in La La Land (2016)

Another Mia, another swoon-worthy living space. It’s no wonder I fell in love with this room when I first laid eyes on it…It’s a classic film lover’s dream!

Related imageImage result for la la land bedroomImage result for la la land bedroom

Iona’s bedroom in Pretty in Pink (1986)

Andie’s BFF Iona is one of my favorite film style icons: that not only goes for her clothing and accessory choices, but the style of her living space, as well.

pretty in pink 103PrettyInPinkroom2Image result for pretty in pink iona

Andie’s bedroom in Pretty in Pink (1986)


The March sisters’ bedrooms/attic in Little Women (1994)

The 1994 remake of Little Women is a wonderfully cozy film for many reasons. One of those reasons, to me, is the family’s home, called Orchard House. I’d give anything to have a space like the attic in Orchard House to write, read, daydream, etc.


Laurie’s bedroom in Halloween (1978)

Laurie’s bedroom doesn’t seem to stand out as anything more than a fairly plain bedroom, but there’s just something about it that I love. It’s simple and there’s something warm and inviting about it, except for the whole Michael-Myers-is-staring-up-into-her-room thing during this scene.


Marjorie’s room in On Moonlight Bay (1951)

Frilly and busy, Marjorie’s room has a special place in my heart. I especially like the bookshelf behind her desk.



Jean and Terry’s room in Stage Door (1937)

Jean (Ginger Rogers) and Terry (Katharine Hepburn) share a room in the Footlights Club boarding house that doesn’t look like anything extraordinary, but I’m a fan of it. I love the big windows.

I think the part that stands out to me the most isn’t in the room, but across from it – a huge sign that lights up at nighttime.


Lady Bird’s room in Lady Bird (2017)

I wish I had thought of decorating my bedroom like Ladybird’s in high school, because I wouldn’t have regretted it at all. I’d still consider decorating my bedroom like this.


These are just some of my favorite cinematic bedrooms. If anything, this post probably gives you an idea of what kind of personal spaces I enjoy. In my own life, I often struggle with keeping my personal spaces clean and often want to keep items that I should probably get rid of because I’m waaaay sentimental.


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Movie Bedrooms

  1. Margaret Laredo says:

    This is an excellent idea for a post – good job!
    Incidentally, the houses in both ‘Pretty in Pink’ and ‘Halloween’ are literally within a block of each other in South Pasadena, although I’m sure the bedroom scenes were probably filmed on a soundstage rather than literally inside the houses.

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