My Favorite Movie Bedrooms

 Part of the fun of watching movies is noticing the little details. A topic like "movie bedrooms" may seem insignificant, but I think it's a topic worth exploring. Here are some of my favorites: Mia's bedroom in The Princess Diaries (2001)I know I'm not the only one who has been more than open to the … Continue reading My Favorite Movie Bedrooms


The Brilliance of All About Eve

Fasten your seatbelts...It's going to be a bumpy night. I have a pretty long list of favorite movies. I'm easily entertained, so it's tough for me to narrow down my absolute favorites, but this movie falls somewhere near the very top. I watched it for the first time probably about six or seven years ago. … Continue reading The Brilliance of All About Eve

Spotlight on Fashion + Color: BYE BYE BIRDIE (1963)

What's the story, morning glory? It doesn't get much sillier or more fun than the musical film Bye Bye Birdie (1963), which was adapted from the 1960 Broadway musical. The film stars Ann-Margret as Kim MacAfee, a teenager from Sweet Apple, Ohio who wins the contest of a lifetime: a kiss from rock and roll superstar Conrad … Continue reading Spotlight on Fashion + Color: BYE BYE BIRDIE (1963)